Sushi Cat Games

Sushi Cat games have become widely popular on the internet. They are Flash games, developed by Armor Games, designed to entertain children and adults. They also provide skill enhancement potential: critical thinking, logic, focus and concentration, and problem-solving are listed of the few skills you can enhance while having fun playing.
Here, we will give you a brief description of all 5 Sushi Cat games.


Sushi Cat: The Original 

Sushi Cat: The Original is set in downtown Neko Town; where Sushi Cat lives. He is strolling along, when he comes upon this beautiful pink cat sitting in the window. He instantly falls in love, and tries to get inside to meet her. That is where his troubles begin. He quickly realizes, he cannot get through the door as he does not weigh enough to make the automatic door mat detect he is there! Can you help him grow fatter and reach the love of his life?


Sushi Cat 2

After much struggle trying to meet the love of his life – the pretty pink cat in the window – you managed to help him reach her. They fell in love, and are now married. As many married couples do, they decide to go shopping one day at the local Tokyo Mall. While they are shopping, Bacon Dog spots Sushi Cat’s wife and decides to take her for his own! Oh, no! Now Sushi Cat is on an adventure throughout Tokyo Mall to try to get his wife back from the evil Bacon Dog. Can you help him get fatter to get through all the obstacles that stand in his way?


Sushi Cat  The Honeymoon


Soon after Sushi Cat was reunited with his wife, the couple decide to finally go on their honeymoon. Soon after they depart on the cruise ship – heading to an exotic island – disaster strikes! Something explodes in the ship’s kitchen, threatening to sink the ship. Only Sushi Cat can save the ship, shipmates, and his wife from certain disaster! Help Sushi Cat grow fat enough to plug up the gaping hole in the ship; and overcome any disasters that may lie ahead.


Sushi Cat 3: 1 Year Anniversary

Sushi Cat and his wife have been married for a year. Today is their anniversary, and Sushi Cat wants to make sure it is extra special! He decides to take his lovely wife to a high-priced, fancy dinner at a top restaurant in Tokyo. All goes well at first, until Sushi Cat decides he wants to personally express his appreciation to the Head Chef – Chef Cat. As soon as Chef Cat reaches their table and sees the beautiful Mrs. Cat, he makes the split-second decision to take her away, to keep as his own. Sushi Cat must now rescue his wife from the evil clutches of Chef Cat. Help Sushi Cat chase down Chef Cat and rescue his wife!


Sushi Cat 4: The Family

Shortly after their 1 year wedding anniversary, Sushi Cat and his wife realize they are unable to have children of their own. They decide to adopt an adorable purple kitten, whom they name Sushi Jr. One sunny afternoon, Sushi Cat and his wife decide to take Sushi Jr. to a local fair, but – once again – disaster strikes! Bacon Dog spots Sushi Cat and his family in the crowd. He has harbored ill feelings for Sushi Cat over the years – now is his chance to take revenge! Bacon Dog catnaps Sushi Jr. Now, Sushi Dog and his wife must hurry to rescue their baby!

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