Sushi Cat The Honeymoon

The beloved fat blue cat is back again – this time he’s on his honeymoon with his wife. But danger lurks ahead for Sushi Cat and his wife. They embark on their honeymoon, expecting a peaceful, quiet, enjoyable experience on a cruise ship. It begins with an explosion occurs inside the ship’s kitchen – leaving the ship in danger of sinking. Can you help Sushi Cat save the ship, and overcome the other obstacles that stand in their way from an enjoyable honeymoon?


In each level, you must eat at least 30 pieces of sushi to fill Sushi Cat’s belly and make him grow bigger. Choose where you place Sushi Cat wisely – you only get 4 lives!

Special power-ups:

Certain sushi will provide Sushi Cat with power-ups; special powers to help him reach his goal quickly. These power-ups include, but are not limited to:


Ÿ  Tongue Roll – When activated, the Tongue Roll power-up lets Sushi Cat roll out his tongue very long, allowing him to eat up more sushi in one bite.

Ÿ  Yarn Ball – Once activated, use the ball of yarn to lure Sushi Cat to chase it. To make him chase it, simply click your left mouse button.


Players have the ability to change a few settings and options on the game. Options include: going back to the level map, change the quality of your game (useful for those using slower internet connection), toggle sound fx on/off, and reset level.



There is a cheat available for Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon. We weren’t able to find very many, but the one we did find allowed for unlimited number of cats per level, and all levels were automatically unlocked.



The graphics of this game are of good quality. It features bright, vibrant colors, cute artwork, as well as moving/bouncing objects.


Recommended Age:

Children and adults of all ages will love this game. It is easy enough for a child as young as 3 to learn, and difficult enough (once you’re into the higher levels) to keep even an adult entertained. Children will love trying to figure out how to collect all the Sushi in the maze like game board.

Additional Features:

Located at the top, left corner of the game board is a count down of how many sushi you have left to eat. Once you have reached your goal of eating 30 pieces of sushi, the counter changes to one showing how many bonus sushi you have left. In addition, under that count down number is a “conveyor belt” showing you what all types of sushi are left on the board. Below the conveyor belt, you can check to see what level number you are currently working on.

On the top left of the game board, you can find how many lives you have left. Under that is a cute “goal chart” where you can watch all the sushi you eat fall into Sushi Cat’s tummy. As the food stacks up and reaches designated markers – you earn point multipliers!

At the very bottom of the game board, you can see your point value – the amount of points you have currently earned.

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