Sushi Cat 1

FIXED! now you can play for free! Sushi Cat is a game of strategy. You must drop your character (Sushi Cat) through a maze which contains sushi for him to eat to make him grow. To complete each level, you must make Sushi Cat eat 30 pieces of sushi to get a full belly. You can earn points by eating all the sushi and falling into the highest numbered score bins, and collect power-ups when he eats specific types of sushi.

Sushi Cat – The Original

The original Sushi Cat game, developed by Armor Games, is a very cute game based on the life of a fat, little blue cat, and his adventures of meeting his one true love – a beautiful pink cat. The story starts off with Sushi Cat walking along downtown Neko Town, when he spots a pink cat sitting in the window – soaking up the sun’s rays. It was love at first sight – Sushi Cat knew she was the mate for him. Soon after, he realizes there is one crucial problem. He can’t open the automatic door that is keeping them apart! Can you help him?


You are given 4 lives to start at the beginning of each level. However, if you can collect special power-ups, you may find extra lives!


To collect special power-ups, you must find and eat the special sushi. To do this is easy, just keep dropping and try to collect as many sushi as you can. The special power-ups give you added bonuses, like:

Ÿ  Extra Lives

Ÿ  Score Multipliers (x3, x 6, etc.)

Ÿ  Double Score

In addition to these power ups, after you complete the goal of filling up Sushi Cat’s belly, all remaining sushi he eats become bonus points! So, try to save a life or two to get additional points!


There are cheats available for Sushi Cat – The Original Game. Listed below are some of the cheats we have found:

  1. Use Maneki Neko- To activate Maneki Neko, press the number 1 key. This will randomly give you bonuses like an extra life or double your score!
  2. Dragon Cannon- To activate, press the number 2 key on your keyboard. Dragon Cannon will allow you to fire Sushi Cat in any direction with the click of your mouse!
  3. Tsunami Roll- To activate Tsunami Roll, simply press the number 3 key on your keyboard. Tsunami Roll allows you to suck in any nearby sushi with a one simple key press.

Settings & Options:

There are a few settings you can make changes to for this game:

  • Change the quality of the graphics
  • Toggle sound fx
  • Reset level
  • Go back to level map (replay previously played levels)

Age Appropriate:

Sushi Cat is appropriate for all ages. It is a lively, colorful game. Children and adults of all ages will giggle and laugh hysterically over watching this fun little blue cat bounce all around the screen while gobbling up all the sushi on the game board.


Sushi Cat is a fun, hilarious game suitable for all ages. The levels get more difficult the further you go. Many people may opt not to use the cheat codes, but we found that using them add an additional level of fun and excitement, as if you let our little blue friend get too big….he will get stuck! Either way, whether you use the cheats or not, this game is quite enjoyable.

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