Sushi Cat 3

Sushi Cat 3 – 1 Year Anniversary

It’s Sushi Cat’s and his wife’s one year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, Sushi Cat decides to take his wife out to a fancy anniversary dinner – his anniversary gift to her. Much to his surprise, danger lurks. After finishing their meal, Sushi Cat wants to express his appreciation and enjoyment of their meal to the Head Chef. However, upon the chef’s arrival, spotting the beautiful pink cat – he steals her away from Sushi Cat! Help Sushi Cat rescue his wife – again.

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The object of the game is to drop Sushi Cat through a maze-like game board to make him eat as much of the sushi on the board as possible. The more sushi you eat, and the higher marked score bins he falls in, the higher your score. Pass all the levels to rescue Sushi Cat’s wife from the evil Chef Cat!


Type of game:

Flash; Puzzle; Strategy.


The graphics of this game are very cute, featuring a fat blue cat (Sushi Cat), a pretty pink cat (his wife), and mean, green cat (Chef Cat). The colors are pastel-like.

Bonus rounds:

After every 5 levels, you can play a bonus round (if you choose). By playing the bonus round, you can increase your score to be able to purchase higher priced special items from the game shop.


Special items:

Special items include:

Ÿ  An additional life

Ÿ  New outfits for Sushi Cat

Ÿ  Game enhancers

You will have to play the game to learn about all the special items available! We don’t want to give away all the secrets – do we?


Without additional special items – you originally start each level with 5 lives/chances to complete the level.



Ÿ  Toggle Sound FX: on/off

Ÿ  Change game/picture quality (helpful if using a slower internet connection)

Ÿ  Go back to Level Map

Ÿ  Reset level


Additional features:

All new for Sushi Cat 3 – you can now share your achievements and high scores with your friends on Facebook! At the end of each level, after the scores have finished adding up, you can now find a “Share” button to be able to post your scores on your Facebook page. Show off your skills, you deserve to pat yourself on the back!

In addition to the “Share” feature, you can also use your score points to purchase useful items in the new game shop. Buy extra lives, outfits for Sushi, and more!

You can also now manually save your game. So if you need to get up in the middle of a level, no worries! Just click the save button. You can go back later and pick up right where you left off.

Desired Age:

Sushi Cat 3 – like the previous versions – is appropriate for children and adult of all ages. Children will fall in love with the squishy, bouncy main character: Sushi Cat. They will enjoy trying to figure out how to make him eat all the sushi on the board, and watch their scores climb! This game is great for children ages 3 and up.

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